Sustainable energy in horticulture

Our members are specialized in creating climate in a greenhouse. Greenhouse heating and greenhouse cooling is in many cases necessary in order to create a desired climate. Efficient use of energy sources is extremely important in this for a successful and profitable business.



Each country has its own challenges when it comes to creating climate in a greenhouse. Through years of international experience, AVAG members are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to organize the energy processes and CO2 dosage as efficiently as possible so that the crop gets everything that is needed for healthy growth.

With a balanced investment plan tailored to the local climate and the most effective energy sources, you will increase energy efficiency while giving interpretation to a sustainable business.

Examples of sustainable solutions:

  • Use of geothermal energy
  • Solar systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Cold and heat storage
  • Use of high efficiency boilers based on gas, oil or recycled materials
  • Insulation solutions



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