About AVAG


AVAG liaises closely to governments, embassies, municipalities and knowledge institutes such as TNO, Wageningen University and other universities to share knowledge, join forces and jump start innovations. Also in related areas of knowledge within the horticulture, such as breeding, cultivation advice, energy solutions and marketing of fresh produce, AVAG is close to market developments. Literally, because of the location in the Westland, and figuratively, by a large and diverse network.

On our website you will find all companies affiliated with AVAG through the company profiles. You can also view recent projects of our members.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier for your project? Through AVAG you will always find an appropriate quality supplier!

Greenhouse Technology Center

More than 70 Dutch companies work together in the field of integrated growing systems, components and associated service within AVAG Greenhouse Technology Center.
Globally, 90% of all glass greenhouses are of Dutch origin. This results in a concentration of specialized companies that is unique in the world.
Affiliated AVAG companies provide tailor-made solutions for every climate, every market and every crop in the world.