AVAG Activities

The AVAG policy is based on five pillars; Lobby, quality, internationalization, labour and innovation. These pillars are the basis of our work. We represent the interests of our members by developing and maintaining contacts with among others governments, embassies, municipalities, knowledge institutes and innovation circles.

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AVAG is the initiator of HortiQ. The HortiQ certificate is an independent and objective quality system for greenhouse builders, installers and other suppliers to the horticulture. In order to use the certificate, the products and the internal organization, including the quality of the supplier, must meet the established criteria. 

A greenhouse or installation with a HortiQ certificate meets the standards that greenhouse builders, installers, knowledge institutes and insurers have recorded together. All standards are controllable. The internationally recognized, independent certification institute KIWA checks the certification. ​



The Netherlands is a globally respected supplier of integrated growing systems, components and associated services. The Dutch horticulture has a leading position in the world; a result of many years of development and innovation of greenhouses and installations. One of the reasons that this position arose is because the whole 'fresh' chain is represented in the Dutch horticulture. From breeding to retail concept and all steps in between, it is conceived and developed in the Netherlands.

AVAG sees it as its mission to maintain its leading position for the Netherlands in the international market. This is achieved by means of securing knowledge and by determining quality guidelines. We work together in this with among others knowledge institutes and insurers.



AVAG is the initiator of the foundation Hortivation. Hortivation is an independent foundation and is independent of AVAG. The foundation Hortivation was founded in 2016 and aims to promote the knowledge management in the horticultural technology sector and the development of innovation in the field of "Integrated Solutions Growing".

Hortivation promotes a wider and more intensive cooperation between the industry and various knowledge institutes.

By this bundling of strengths, years of acquired knowledge and expertise within the Dutch horticultural technology sector will be ensured. The foundation Hortivation is taking initiatives which are of great importance to the sector and applicable for the international market.