Cluster Bergschenhoek

Bergschenhoek is home to one of the leading Dutch energy clusters. he Bergschenhoek Cluster, established in 2000, is a co-operative association of 5 nurseries pioneering in the area of energy efficient and economic growing.


The five growers together produce their crops under 20 hectares of glas. Through collective purchaching of energy and gas and a continued investment into energy-saving measures and  the cluster partners strive to achieve a potential efficiency improvement of 10% per cluster partner.

New heat pumps, double curtains, a high-pressure misting system and vertical ventilation for dehumidification were installed. The purchase of these installations also created a need for a new process computer with more setting options and a higher level of intelligence.


With continued investment into energy-saving measures and practice tests, the cluster partners strive to make their knowledge and innovations available sector-wide.

When launching their Innovation Program 2.0 in 2014, the Bergschenhoek Cluster invested in various installations resulting in a potential efficiency improvement of 10% per cluster partner.



New heat pumps, double curtains and a high-pressure misting system were installed. Also vertical ventilation for dehumidification was installed, with the advantage that you can screen as much as possible without humidity gaps. The purchase of these innovative installations also created a need for a new process computer. Therefore, a process computer able to control these installations in the most efficient way, was installed.


Arjan van der Spek, cluster participant and working as an energy manager for Arjanet B.V., says:

"Just like our 5 growers, I have been using a Hoogendoorn climate computer since last December. For me, one big advantage of the iSii software is that you can customize a multitude of controls, e.g. when setting thresholds (ViPs), you can add influences of your own choosing. This flexibility provides much freedom. I also have positive experiences with trainers and help desk staff. There is much in-house expertise.”

Contact met Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Company name: Hoogendoorn Growth Management
Type of crop: Peppers, large and small-flowered gerbera, tomatoes and bromeliads
Glass house size: 20 ha.
City: Berschenhoek, Nederland
Solution: Next generation iSii procescomputer

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