Project Deliscious

Project Deliscious is a revolutionary new cultivation system, for growing with more layers under LED.

For this purpose four climate cells are build, whereby lettuce is growing by an integrated installation construction of seven layers above each seedling cultivation on large tables in a continuous pace.

Climate cells get no daylight, but a large number of LED luminaires provide the necessary illumination of the cropping system. The climate in the cells is controlled by use of cooling ceilings and airconditioning. All technical installations are integrated in an application specifically designed for this multilayer construction system.


The production system will be used as cultivation concept for lettuce with clod under LED. Deliscious can raise its own lettuces in a few weeks. With the new cultivation system it is possible to grow yearround with consistent quality, reliability and efficient production.


Besides the production of the new cultivation system, Certhon had mercy on the heating and cooling in the new greenhouse. This requires a heat pump and the building of new sources. The control of the sources and the heat pump is arranged by Certhon.

Contact met Certhon

Company name: Certhon
Type of crop: Lettuce
Glass house size: 7 ha.
City: The Netherlands
Solution: Revolutionary cultivation system, where there will be grown with more layers under LED.

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