The food transition offers great challenges. Certhon mainly sees opportunities and provides various solutions: Turnkey Greenhouses, Indoor Farming and Robotics, to grow anything, anywhere. For everyone.
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Growing anything, anywhere. For everyone.

Tomatoes in the desert, lettuce in North America, and strawberries in Hong Kong. All within the realms of possibility. And Certhon has proven it time and again. New possibilities, better results, and greater yields and revenues. Because when you combine smart technology and plant science with the will to tackle the most complex challenges, you reap excellent results. Backed up by their guarantee.

Certhon is rethinking the world’s food systems. To make them better. The food transition is a huge challenge. But they mainly see opportunities. Obviously, you cannot change complex systems in a day, and certainly not on your own. Certhon is working with growers, researchers, investors, and other trailblazers every day to create a better system.

  • More local – Grow any crop anywhere in the world in a climate-independent manner thanks to the most advanced expertise and technologies available.
  • Healthier – More nutritious and fresher food from more local sources thanks to research and technology.
  • More sustainable – Sustainable climate and energy systems and emission-free cultivation based on an all-electric approach.
  • Safer – Clean, autonomous, and hygienic cultivation and harvesting solutions for greater food safety.

More information? www.certhon.com 

“Imagine a world that is not bound by rules. Where anything can be grown anywhere. Regardless of the season or climate. A world where everyone has access to healthy, safe, and sustainable food. At Certhon, we change food systems from the inside out.”

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