Beilangzhong Flower Center

Beilangzhong Flower Center is an advanced glass greenhouse that grow chrysanthemums on a surface of 3 ha and is expanding to meet the growing demand of the Chinese market.


In 4 rounds per year, 880,000 plants are produced per round and harvested by their 7 employees. In this automated glass greenhouse, the chrysanthemums are mainly being produced for the local market, but also partly to export to Russia.


Beilangzhong’s current greenhouse is part of a unique demonstration project and was built with financial help from the Chinese government and Deliflor China. The goal is to convince other local growers to start growing chrysanthemums or other crops in modern greenhouses with high tech equipment. 



To make the production processes more efficient and less labor intensive, Beilangzhong uses the iSii process computer of Hoogendoorn. The iSii enables the company to make an efficient use of resources such as water and energy. Moreover, the system has a user-friendly interface and is available in the Chinese language. 


Niu Xiaofang of Beilangzhong: "The iSii computer is a very easy system to work with. It features powerful ViP institutions and provides a clear overview of all processes in a handy graphical display. Thanks to this automation solution we save energy through more efficient blinds, and our production increases because the operation is so precise. The Hoogendoorn specialists are very friendly and take their time to help us. So we are very pleased with the iSii computer and the Hoogendoorn service."

Contact met Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Company name: Hoogendoorn Growth Management
Type of crop: chrysanthemums
Glass house size: 3 ha.
City: Shunyi district, Beijing, China
Solution: hardware and iSii software
Result: Thanks to the automated solution, the company has been able to increase the production of high qualitative chrysanthemums and to minimize production costs.

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