Aardam Tropical Seeds nursery

Many growers worldwide work with outdated computers. In some cases, these systems are so old that they can no longer be repaired if they were to break down.

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The consequences of such a system failure can be disastrous. And yet, a replacement is often not considered a priority. This can be a costly mistake, since process computers monitor and control everything from the climate equipment to the irrigation and energy systems in the greenhouse. They are critical to crop production.

At Aardam, the need to replace their old computer became increasingly clear when they considered their reliance on the heating system during the cold winter months. Downtime was a risk they simply couldn’t afford, so they decided that a new computer couldn’t wait.


To replace their old process computer, Aardam chose the HortiMaX CX500: the new standard in Adaptive Greenhouse Technology. They opted for this solution since it is easy to expand, simple to use and yet advanced in design. It was a perfect fit for all of the nursery's needs. Thanks to useful features such as shortcuts and custom reports, Aardam have gained maximum control over their greenhouse environment as well as all the climate-conditioned cells where seeds are stored.



Aardam are clear about the benefits of this new process computer: Not only does it allow them to use the screen and lighting systems more effectively, but it also enables them to save on heating costs. Although the control process could be improved even further, there is often no time to analyse the data more closely and fine-tune the influence settings. When control adjustments are necessary, Aardam can contact their HortiMaX dealer. They look into the request and implement a solution without the need for HortiMaX's assistance.


Contact met Aardam Tropical Seeds nursery

Company name: Aardam Tropical Seeds nursery
Contact: Ridder
Type of crop: Planting material for palms and green plants
Glass house size: 5 ha. (12 ac.)
City: Aarlanderveen - Netherlands

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