Sunny Fields

Sunny Fields is a modern Filclair greenhouse in Queretaro, Mexico.


After several years working as a manager at the Agro Park in the Mexican state of Queretaro, Jacques Jajati decided to set up his own greenhouse business and to grow tomatoes.

Together with a group of investors he founded a state-of-the-art tomato nurcery in July 2012, which was named Sunnyfields. This modern Filclair greenhouse is located in Agro Park, Queretaro with an area of 8 hectares.

The Agro Park (805 hectares) consists of high-tech greenhouse complexes which produce flowers and vegetables. The growers intend to compete with sophisticated markets, for example the United States or Canada.


CEO of Sunny Fields, Jacques Jajati relates: “I believe that although high tech solutions may cost more upfront, it is well worth in the long run. It allows us to realize year-round production and to achieve high quality products. Therefore we took the best from everywhere,” in reference to the suppliers he chose for building and running his operation. In their polycarbonate greenhouse, Sunny Fields has 6 meter high, double layered insulated ceiling and butterfly ventilation windows. They grow their crops on suspended gutters in coco-peat substrate. The greenhouse uses a boiler for heating and is capable of extracting useable CO2 from the exhaust system.


Solutions & Results

Sunny Fields adapted a Hoogendoorn iSii process computer to control their greenhouse climate, energy and irrigation. “So far, the decision to use a Hoogendoorn iSii has been a good one,” Jajati reported. “My employees that are in charge of growth management are very pleased with the simple entry level of the iSii interface. All the settings and data are available in their own language. We are also enthusiastic about the service Hoogendoorn gave us, including the implementation and after sales. From the start they have been in contact with us on a regular basis. This makes Hoogendoorn a valuable supplier.” Jajati continued, saying that the help he got from his suppliers has been an important part of his company’s success.


Mr. Jacques Jajati: “Although high-tech solutions initially cost more, I am convinced that they are a worthwhile investment in the long term. They enable us to continue to produce throughout the year and to deliver high quality products. We have selected the best of the best.”

Contact met Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Company name: Hoogendoorn Growth Management
Type of crop: tomatoes
Glass house size: 8 ha.
City: Queretaro, Mexico
Solution: Installation Hoogendoorn iSii procescomputer

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