Greenhouse Technology

Quality and innovation are the driving forces of the Dutch greenhouse construction companies. Globally, 90% of all glass greenhouses are of Dutch origin. In a constant interplay between the greenhouse construction companies, installation companies and their customers, the state of technology of the Dutch horticulture arrived at the current high level. The state of the art Dutch greenhouses are the perfect basis for a healthy, profitable business.


An important pillar for the quality of the Dutch greenhouses is the Dutch standard for greenhouses NEN 3859. This standard was developed by among others the knowledge institutes TNO Delft and Wageningen University. In this process, experience is also very important, as this is represented by intensive cooperation with insurance companies and growers.

To initiate innovation and aforementioned standard development in the area of horticulture, AVAG founded the Hortivation foundation. In addition, the quality certificate HortiQ was developed, suppliers will receive this certificate by meeting objectively established quality criteria for greenhouses and installations in the fields of energy, CO2, water and fertilizers.

The suppliers of greenhouses and installations for the horticulture that are member of AVAG, can supply, build and install the ideal greenhouse for each situation and client. They continuously work in conjunction with the horticultural sector and various experts on the development and innovation of their products.



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