World Horti Center

The World Horti Center is an international knowledge and innovation centre for horticulture, a meeting point with a year round trade fair. By facilitating education, business and research in one central location, an enormous dynamic is created in which collaboration on all facets leads to a great deal of innovation and strength. Smiemans Projecten built this project, a glass construction that is fully equipped for the public.

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In the heart of Dutch greenhouse horticulture this international knowledge and innovation center is located. A place where the business community, education and research work together on even better products for greenhouse horticulture. This makes this global meeting place a worldwide first.


The building construction team wanted to realise the building in a very short time as the school with about 1200 pupils had to be able to enter the building in the new season. 
And the height of the roof is 12.3 meters high.

Solution and results:

The deadline was met, the school opened in time and our client was very pleased with our work.

The glass roof is 12.30 meters high, this gives an impressive entrance when entering the building that is attended by some 25,000 international professionals every year. The height is high enough for two floors with shared facilities for ± 300 guests, such as an auditorium, meeting rooms, flexible workstations and a restaurant. In addition, more than a hundred innovative companies from the international greenhouse horticulture sector show what they have in-house at the World Horti Center. They show their products, services and knowledge and work intensively with education and government.

Contact met World Horti Center

Company name: World Horti Center
Glass house size: 4.520m²
City: Westland, The Netherlands
Solution: International meeting point for greenhouse horticulture

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