Jardin d’Hiverre bij Bomencentrum Nederland

In the middle of a tree nursery with more than 100,000 trees in 750 species and varieties, is a beautifully designed meeting centre in Victorian style. It was built by EdenParks, part of Smiemans Projecten. On the water in the middle of a gigantic park of more than 25 hectares this extraordinary project comes into its own.

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The need for a larger space for conferences and meetings was the direct reason to build Jardin d'Hiverre, according to Hans Blokzijl, director and owner of the Bomencentrum. Previously, the Green Pavilion had already been realized, but this only offers space for up to 150 visitors. The client wanted a unique and versatile conference centre in the field of his tree nursery. The design came from MIII Architects with a glass Victorian roof and four turrets on each corner.

Solution and results:

The roof is a technical tour de force, in particularly because of the special elements of the Victorian style. Wooden rafters made of Austrian pine have been used for the load-bearing structure, on top of which are coated steel profiles.  The special shape of the roof and the materials used in this progressive project are a wonderful way of showing the professional skills of Smiemans Projecten.

The total area of the building is 1,120 m² and it is 9 metres high. In the basement 450 people can find a place, the space on the ground floor can be divided into multifunctional areas and the turrets on the second floor contain the kitchen, the restrooms and an office. This basement is not visible on the south side of the entrance, but on the north side the glass facades of the orangery run downwards and large windows provide daylight in the conference room. Furthermore, it has a beautiful view of the adjacent pond.


The project was topped out in September 2017. A 100-ton crane was used to install the ridge piece with twenty ventilation windows on the roof structure at a height of 10 metres. After that, 80,000 kg of green-tinted glass was placed on the steel roof structure. The side walls were fitted with clear glass. The combination of these materials gives the project a beautiful, warm look.r.

Contact met Jardin d’Hiverre at Bomencentrum Nederland

Company name: Jardin d’Hiverre at Bomencentrum Nederland
Type of crop: Conference center on site of tree nursery
City: Baarn, the Netherlands

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