Urban Farming

Urbanization is globally in gear, every week there are a half million of city dwellers more. This means that in 2030, sixty percent of the world population will live in urban regions.

This urbanization creates a change in the demand for fresh vegetables, fruit and ornamental horticulture. To meet this demand, it is necessary to get as close to the cities or even produce in the cities.

This trend calls for compact growing systems with high production per square metre and has to provide solutions for possibly not having daylight.

The answer to the question that arises is called Urban Farming or Vertical Farming. It is making it possible to grow in the city, not in greenhouses but in confined spaces and often in different crop layers. The light does not come from the sun but from LED lights and the plants are not in the ground but in a layer of water.

This trend is globally emerging and many AVAG members are evolving with this new way of growing by adapting their products and technology accordingly.




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