Vertical Farming Demonstration Centre



Already an established industry in North America and Asia, vertical farming is attracting more and more interest from entrepreneurs in Western Europe. In addition to research purposes, the Vertical Farming Demonstration Centre is mainly intended for demonstrating the potential of vertical farming. The challenge in this project was to develop an accessible multi-layered growing system that would allow commercial vegetable production in any location or climate.


Urban Crops researches and develops various growing strategies. There is a robotic growing area, which is a completely sealed climate chamber where any desired environmental conditions can be created. This chamber contains eight production layers that are 18 metres deep, each equipped with LED lighting, irrigation and CO2 dosing systems. Through an input line and two robots at each end of the system, the RFID-tagged growing trays (with 10 plants each) can be placed into the system fully automatically. HortiMaX supplied the irrigation and water disinfection units for this project. These units provide a wide range of features and capabilities. The facility also uses a HortiMaX MultiMa process computer, customized to the specific needs of its logistics system.


The demonstration centre is currently the largest multi-layered growing system in Europe using artificial light to cultivate crops. In its current location, the PFAL (Plant Factory with Artificial Light) can be expanded to up to 25 layers.

Contact met Ridder

Company name: Ridder
Type of crop: 10 crops
Glass house size: 30 production towers with 18 layers
City: Waregem, Belgium

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