Schenkeveld in the Netherlands has specialised in growing tomatoes on the vine. For their new location, TAKS Handling Systems has set up a comprehensive and futureproof logistics system that can easily be expanded.


Schenkeveld is a typical Dutch company that’s growing rapidly and that’s boldly investing and expanding. In order to do so, the company has asked upon the help of TAKS Handling Systems several times now. For the Rijsenhout location, we put together a complete TOV system that serves 4 greenhouses of 27 acres each.

This system is suitable for multiple types of containers and consists of, among other things, pushers, buffer belts, destackers, a weighing line, palletisers and a stacking system for empty boxes and crates filled with waste. It also has advanced tracking and tracing, developed in collaboration with Nitea. The capacity lies around 2400 boxes (300x400 mm) per line, per hour. Due to the modular structure, the system can easily be expanded per phase and greenhouse. 

The new logistics system has been fully adapted to Schenkeveld’s wishes and this specific location. Our ability to think along, our reliability and our great service proved to be important and decisive aspects for Schenkeveld in their choice for TAKS Handling Systems.

Contact met Schenkeveld

Company name: Schenkeveld
Type of crop: tomatoes on the vine
Glass house size: 108 acres
City: Rijsenhout, the Netherlands
Solution: comprehensive logistics system for tomatoes on the vine

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