Exception Limited

Exception Limited is one of the largest cucumber growers in New Zealand. The company opted for a unique container harvesting system by TAKS Handling Systems, resulting in a substantial reduction of labour time and costs of the harvesting process and a considerable increase in capacity.


As one of the largest cucumber growers in New Zealand, Exception Limited plays an important role in the daily supply of cucumbers to supermarkets, shops and restaurants in the country. It is therefore important for the company to work as efficiently and sustainably as possible, while keeping labour costs low.

To achieve this, Exception Limited switched from harvesting in traditional crates to the unique and patented container harvesting system developed by TAKS Handling Systems. The containers make it possible to harvest faster and in a more ergonomic way. The system also causes less damage to the plants. After harvesting, the container are emptied fully automatically, using a double unloading unit. The unloading is done in a controlled manner, without damaging the cucumbers.

For Exception Limited, the new cucumber system has resulted in a much greater processing capacity, with less sorting hours. In addition, the company is now saving a good 19% in labour costs during the harvesting process.

Contact met Exception Limited

Company name: Exception Limited
Type of crop: cucumbers and mini cucumbers
Glass house size: 7.4 acres
City: Pukekohe, New Zealand
Solution: container harvesting system for cucumbers

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