Vine Fresh Acres

To meet the growing demand for responsibly produced cucumbers, Vine Fresh Acres built a brand new greenhouse facility in Ontario, Canada. This greenhouse produces high-wire cucumbers that are sold under the name Nature Fresh Farms.


The greenhouse in Ontario is completely equipped with HortiMaX technology. The installation and commissioning was carried out by local partner Acrobat Projects. The fact that all the equipment was supplied by HortiMaX makes the project even more interesting, as all the systems are integrated with one another. This means that the computers, sensor units, water equipment and electrical systems have been engineered and installed to work together seamlessly, in accordance with UL/CSA requirements.


To make responsible growing possible, Vine Fresh invested in HortiMaX ProDrain: an extremely precise irrigation monitoring system for optimizing watering and fertigation processes.
ProDrain enables irrigation to be applied according to the exact needs of the crop by continuously monitoring the plant weight, substrate weight, transpiration rate, substrate water content and quantity of waste water. ProDrain therefore shows detailed information on how the plants are responding. As a result, the customer's irrigation scheduling is based almost entirely on the ProDrain measurements


Vine Fresh are able to prevent plants from drying out or becoming under- or oversaturated. By integrating all their technology, the customer can incorporate every factor affecting plant growth into their irrigation strategy. The increased predictability of the plants' behaviour has made crop production much easier to anticipate and plan for. This has helped Vine Fresh achieve their highest yields and turnover ever.


Contact met Ridder-HortiMaX

Company name: Ridder-HortiMaX
Type of crop: komkommers
Glass house size: 12,5 ha.
City: Ontario, Canada
Solution: ProDrain irrigatiesysteem

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