SortiPack® automates the process of sorting and packing of different kinds of fruits and vegetables without human intervention.



SortiPack® is a modular system for Automatic Grading, Sorting and Packing which Crux Agribotics  launched successfully in 2019.

SortiPack, can be adapted to handle different crops, vegetables and fruit. The vision, machine learning for grading and sorting algorithms can be re-used as it is designed in a modular way. The gripper technology and handling concept can be optimized per type of product and package.

SortiPack offers ultimate flexibility, lowers cost and dependency of human labour and enables growers to increase capacities as the system works consistently, in a more hygienic way and optimizes the product volume and weight per package.
The system can operate 24/7 and all data is available for analysis purposes or to predict yields. As the system is based on a self-learning architecture it uses its actual product data also to provide proactive feedback on settings to enable growers to adjust sorting and grading settings to optimize yields and to reduce waste.

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