Smart Spray Technology by Micothon

The Smart Spray Technology by Micothon ensures that optimum crop protection is achieved with as little spraying as possible.


Porta Nova from Waddinxveen and SK Roses from Den Hoorn wanted to get rid of the high use of plant protection product. "You do not have to spray on places where there is no infestation" according to the two companies.
After all, less spraying is better for growth, better for the environment and better for the wallet.

Spot spraying with Micothon's Smart Spray technology has proven to be successful and satisfies so well that the existing spray robots used by the companies are now also equipped with this smart technology.
According to Porta Nova and SK Roses and the manufacturer of the spray robots, the cooperation that led to the development of this innovation gives confidence in the future development of smart technology in crop protection


  • To achieve optimum crop protection with as little spraying as possible
  • Reducing growth inhibition as a result of spraying
  • Save on plant protection product use and save time on spraying
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship in greenhouse horticulture


Adaptation to the existing Micothon automatic tube-rail spraying robot, whereby it only sprays where an infestation has been found during scouting. The scout card is loaded into the machine and automatically selectively treats only the affected plants in the greenhouse.



  • No disruption of growth if there is no infestation, higher yield per hectare
  • No unnecessary spraying, annual savings on product up to 80%
  • Environmentally friendly by reducing the use of spraying agent
  • No unnecessary disruption of the biological balance in the greenhouse
  • Significant time savings on spraying sessions, spraying faster
  • Exceptionally short payback period for the investment



Company name: Porta Nova
Contact: Micothon - Theo Straathof
City: Waddinxveen
Cultivation: Roses
Solution: Smart Spray Technology by Micothon


Company name: SK Roses
Contact:  Micothon - Theo Straathof
City: Den Hoorn
Cultivation: Roses
Solution: Smart Spray Technology by Micothon

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