Les Serres des Hauts-de-France

in 2018, the Belgian growers Jonas and Kevin van de Velde realised the new company Les Serres des Hauts-de-France in Arques, France. They hope to produce 6,000 tons of tomatoes annually and to meet 10% of the regional demand.

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AGV GridMap harvesting system

Berg Hortimotive had the honour of delivering the AGV GridMap harvesting system to Les Serres des Hauts-de-France (LSDH). This technique enables us to realise fully-automated transport between the greenhouse and the shed without any need for infrastructure.
No more tracks need to be laid for transporting the harvested products.
The trolleys navigate in the greenhouse using various different sensors, we call this Grid Mapping.


The grower indicates where to harvest in the greenhouse and the trolleys run back and forth automatically. The trolleys ‘remember' where they came from and move along with the harvesters.
In the long term, several Berg Hortimotive products are being fitted with GridMap Technology and will navigate the greenhouse autonomously. Therefore, an overall operating system is needed, which we call BergDrive.

This management system keeps an overview, ensuring that the different trolleys work together. We are convinced that this innovation will be playing an important role in the future of greenhouse horticulture.
All forms of transport in a company cost time, while it adds no value to the product. Berg Hortimotive also had the privilege of delivering the packaging automation at this location.

Contact met Les Serres des Hauts-de-France

Company name: Les Serres des Hauts-de-France
Contact: Berg Hortimotive
Type of crop: Tomato
City: Arques, France
Solution: AGV GridMap harvesting system

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