Fruchthof Hensen Erdbeerkulturen

The German company Fruchthof Hensen Erdbeerkulturen grows strawberries both in a greenhouse (6ha.) and in the field (120 ha.).


The German company Fruchthof Hensen Erdbeerkulturen grows strawberries. During harvest the strawberries are placed directly in trays and the trays are placed directly by 10 in crates or boxes of 60x40cm.

On an extreme small surface we have enabled handling of many different pack styles, in a quick, efficient and most of all ergonomic manner.

By optimization of product streams, efficiency has been raised, costs have been lowered, resulting in a short pay back for the grower.


This grower is harvesting strawberries in trays and puts 10 trays into a carton 600x400mm. The cartons will be placed on a pallet in the field or in the greenhouse and transported to the pack house for further handling.

In the pack house there is a 3-way handling to be considered. Some boxes will be reweighed to ensure a minimum weight to be delivered to the retail. Alternatively the trays will have to be taken out of the cartons and reweighed individually (250 or 500 gr.), followed by either lidding or flow packing. Trays will have to be placed back into the cartons and subsequently palletized.

Both trays and cartons require labeling before restacking onto the pallets. All of this handling results currently in complete chaos of activities and product movements
through the premises.



We have created a centralized depalletizing position where depending on the handling required afterwards, the product/carton can be directed towards, e.g. reweighing boxes or individual trays. No further manual redirection of activities required.

After reweighing of the individual trays we have realized a conveying system to either feed the lidder or the 2 flow packing machines. Along the way, labels will be applied. Coming to the turning tables, the trays can be reintroduced into cartons where the trays were taken from in the first place.

Both repacked boxes with trays or cartons which have been reweighed as a box, will be automatically conveyed towards the centralized palletizing position. After stacking the pallets will be foreseen of stickers as well.

Contact met KOAT

Company name: KOAT
Type of crop: strawberries
Glass house size: 6 ha. greenhouse, 120 ha. in the field
City: Swistal-Mömerzheim (D)
Solution: Weighing and packing line for boxes, trays and bowls with strawberries.

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