Svensson and Elektravon Haket receive HortiQ mark of quality

“We’re an international player in the world of horticulture. HortiQ provides a tangible demonstration of quality, and that’s particularly beneficial when the physical distances are so great,” says Remko Noordermeer, who accepted the HortiQ certificate on behalf of Svensson on Monday 10 December. Elektravon Haket also received a certificate. Roelof Haket: “We’ve noticed that our customers want certainty. We can give them that certainty by proving that the design and the execution of the technical systems comply with the relevant standards.”


Both companies were awarded the certificate during HortiQ’s tenth annual meeting on Monday 10 December by Wim de Wit, president of HortiQ, who also stepped down at the event. “An important milestone,” explains De Wit. “We awarded the first certificates back in 2009, and I’m delighted to conclude that things are going well and the value of HortiQ is being recognised. We’re making the chain stronger together.” The meeting was held at Kubo, a company that has been working to the HortiQ guidelines for the past ten years.

“We’ve already got three audits scheduled for would-be certificate-holders in early 2019,” comments Harm Maters from AVAG, one of the founders of HortiQ. “So we’re hoping to welcome three new companies to the certification scheme. The HortiQ certificate demonstrates which companies are focused on top-class quality.”


High demands

The HortiQ certificate is awarded to companies following an audit of their internal processes, organisation and product quality. The audit criteria are based on the NEN standards as well as the standards that are defined in three quality manuals that have been produced by KviNL, the Dutch industry association for the quality of technical systems. As an independent certified body, KIWA performs the audits on companies. The certificate is valid for three years, with interim checks taking place annually.


Independent quality

The HortiQ certificate is an independent and objective quality system for greenhouse manufacturers, installation companies and other suppliers of technical systems and services to the greenhouse sector. The HortiQ certificate is utilised by the technical industry and the horticultural sector in both national and international markets.

During the annual meeting, the HortiQ HagelUnie partnership was also explained in more detail. By joining forces, these two partners are responding to international investors’ needs for a total approach, quality and risk management.

In addition to the above-mentioned companies, the other HortiQ-certified companies are: Alcomij, Bosman Van Zaal, Certhon, Dalsem Tuinbouwprojecten, Enthoven Elektrotechniek, Gakon Horticultural Projects, Hoogendoorn, J.M. van der Hoeven, Kubo Tuinbouwprojecten, PB Techniek, Snelder, Van der Hoeven greenhouse builders, Van Dijk Heating, Vyverberg Greenhousing and Zantingh.


Anyone interested in learning more about this independent quality system can send an email to