RoboCrops 2020

The most advanced and most productive community of greenhouse growers in the world is leading the industry into a new era. Scarcity of resources such as skilled labor, water and energy is pushing the greenhouse community to minimize its dependence on these resources. New, fit-for-purpose high-tech solutions are key to relieving this dependence and to secure sufficient food supply to the ever growing world population. RoboCrops2020 is the first international event to accelerate this movement. Make sure you are part of it and pre-register now.


RoboCrops 2020 is the first edition of an annual event where global leaders in greenhouse horticulture and the high-tech community meet to discuss real-life challenges and potential high-tech solutions.

Growers, tech companies and students will be challenged to the limit in the extensive programme packed with hackathons, informative sessions and matchmaking which are taking place simultaneously at World Horti Center in Naaldwijk/Westland  and RoboHouse/TU  in Delft.

The aim of RoboCrops is to speed up the development of robotics in greenhouse horticulture. RoboCrops therefore focuses on both the hardware (sensors, robot arms, grippers, autonomous vehicles) and the decision-supporting software required to control the robots.

Because of enthousiastic interest from all over the world, RoboCrops might have to make a selection in who can attend this event. The preliminary registration is now open to all interested in attending RoboCrops.