Royal award for Harm Maters

On Monday 26 April, former AVAG president Harm Maters was created Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau. Maters received this award on the initiative of the trade association, among others for his exceptional work in horticultural technology in the Netherlands.

HortiQ Harm Maters voorzitter.jpg

Maters sets a steady course. In the financial crisis, for example, he encouraged businesses to shift their focus to new international markets. Bas Lagerwerf, vice president at the time, praises Maters for his perseverance. “Harm pushed further where others would stop. He took numerous national and international initiatives and contributed a great deal to partnerships that are important for our sector,” says Lagerwerf. Maters' vision, network and determination helped AVAG members innovate and operate successfully at an international level.

 Annie van de Riet, current AVAG president, feels that he has more than earned this Royal Award. “Harm Maters put the Greenhouse Technology sector on the national and international map and was a true ambassador. Through his efforts, various international projects were set up.”

 For over 17 years, Harm Maters was the figurehead of the greenhouse technology sector. On his retirement in 2019, the AVAG board appointed him honorary member of AVAG.

About AVAG

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