Hortivation launches website

Foundation Hortivation will have its own website from October 4th 2017. www.hortivation.nl, where visitors can find everything about, among other things, calculation tool CASTA and current innovation projects. The aim of this website is to increase the visibility of the greenhouse technology sector in the national and the worldwide market alike.

We try to give a balanced view of everything Hortivation stands for: innovation, development of expertise and merging forces in the greenhouse technology sector.

Hortivation started in 2015 a joint implementation of innovation projects, in collaboration with the expertise institutes TNO and WUR Wageningen. We also started the supply of licenses for the use of software (among others: calculation tool CASTA) to professional greenhouse construction and technology companies. On this website, investors can see if their business partner has a software license. If he has, the investor can be sure that his greenhouse will meet the requirements as formulated in Dutch industrial norms for greenhouses and that Dutch design expertise will be applied, also for international markets.

Harm Maters, deputy chairman of Hortivation says: “The greenhouse technology sector is a substantial part of the Dutch horticulture cluster. The strong growth of the world market for sustainable production systems for fresh food and flowers makes it plain once more how large this business actually is, as well as its worldwide growth potential”.

This website helps to enable stakeholders worldwide to keep up to date with Dutch knowledge and expertise of products and/or services. We have the pleasure to invite you to visit our website.

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About Hortivation foundation

The Hortivation foundation is focused on technical innovations and knowledge management in the greenhouse design and construction industry. The member companies operate internationally and are actively developing the worldwide supply of high-quality greenhouse systems for the production of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. It is Hortivation’s mission to make strategic innovations quickly available to the sector as a whole and to work together with the companies to safeguard the Netherlands’ leading position in the area of integrated growing systems.


Note for editors:
For more information, please contact Lindy van der Drift, Communication Hortivation, info@hortivation.nl, 06 - 42 64 22 68