PRESS RELEASE: HortiQ concept has resulted in a better greenhouse and greater peace of mind

Press Release Poeldijk, 28 June 2017 Addy Breugem, Thanet Earth: “HortiQ concept has resulted in a better greenhouse and greater peace of mind” HortiQ, the recognised mark of quality in the Dutch horticultural technology sector, and insurance company Hagelunie have joined forces to launch the HortiQ concept for international greenhouse horticulture. In addition to setting top-class quality standards for greenhouse construction, the HortiQ concept is also aimed at supporting entrepreneurs in terms of risk management and business continuity from as early on as the planning phase.

Thanet Earth in the UK recently utilised the HortiQ concept when extending its greenhouse complex by 6.5 hectares. Addy Breugem, one of the owners, explains: “Hagelunie were actively involved in examining and evaluating the building plans at an early stage, which was very reassuring and also saved a lot of time. Their experience in damage claims was incorporated into the design, and the whole process ultimately resulted in a better greenhouse being built. I now have greater peace of mind that a storm will cause fewer – if any – direct and/or consequential losses, and that’s good for our business continuity. Furthermore, thanks to this approach we qualify for a favourable discount on our insurance premium so the changes we’ve made will pay for themselves within just a few years.”


Before the construction work starts, all the risks are identified and then the experts work together with the customer to decide on preventive measures that will offset the calculated risks. By assessing the situation and agreeing on possible preventive measures right at the start of the process, the HortiQ-certified greenhouse supplier offers added value. This leads to greater peace of mind, less chance of losses due to delays (in production) and lower operational costs for the grower.


The HortiQ concept is the result of the combination of HortiQ’s knowledge of quality standards in the horticultural industry with Hagelunie’s experience in providing insurance to the greenhouse horticultural sector, thus creating maximum synergy in terms of expertise. HortiQ-certified companies work in line with objective and recognised quality standards pertaining to greenhouse design and construction, water, fertilisers, heating and CO2. The affiliated greenhouse suppliers have agreed to utilise the HortiQ concept as standard procedure in turnkey projects, which will allow risks to be managed more effectively. The new concept will initially be rolled out over the coming year in Europe and Canada, and other countries may also follow depending on the feedback received. Another future step is to extend the HortiQ concept to include third-party suppliers.



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