Blue Radix becomes newest member of AVAG

Blue Radix is the market leader and specialist in autonomous growing, and creates artificial intelligence (AI) for daily decisions and actions in greenhouses. Earlier this month, the company became a member of AVAG, the industry association for the greenhouse technology sector in the Netherlands. Blue Radix is the 77th organization to join the association.

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AVAG is proud to welcome Blue Radix as a member. "Blue Radix enhances AVAG's expertise and network in digital technologies and advanced solutions for the horticultural sector. AVAG is traditionally an association of greenhouse builders, installers and suppliers. We see in the market an increasing demand for digital services in the context of autonomous growing. Blue Radix has become a serious player in this field. In cooperation with other AVAG companies, total solutions can be offered. This fits in well with the needs of our customers. We are therefore delighted that Blue Radix has chosen to become a member of AVAG," says Annie van de Riet, president of AVAG.

“We are pleased to be a member of AVAG. I believe that we have a unique and complementary profile within the membership group,” adds Ronald Hoek, CEO of Blue Radix. “Through AVAG, we aim to contribute to the growth of our sector and to building knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence. We are keen to work together with the other members to further strengthen the joint offering of Dutch greenhouse technology suppliers in the international arena.”

 “Blue Radix’ mission is to enable growers to get the most out of their greenhouse data and to optimize their results with the help of artificial intelligence. Joining AVAG takes us another step closer to achieving that mission,” he concludes.

About Blue Radix

Blue Radix is the independent specialist and market leader in autonomous growing. The company creates automated intelligence for almost all daily decisions and actions in greenhouses. Due to the rapid growth of the world population, there is an increasing need for healthy and safe food. Greenhouse production is being scaled up around the world, but the declining number of experienced growers is a limiting factor. Blue Radix offers solutions to these global challenges: AI-based services that support growers with a ‘digital brain’ for their greenhouses. The Crop Controller service enables growers to manage significantly more hectares and increase yields while reducing costs. For more information, see