AVAG joins World Horti Center

AVAG joins World Horti Center. Both partners will enter this collaboration for three years from 1 October 2020. World Horti Center and AVAG have been working together on more and more occasions; World Horti Center facilitated various hybrid events and meetings for AVAG Greenhouse Technology Center. This collaboration led to the mutual desire to strengthen the relationship and make their partnership official.

Verhuisbericht AVAG.jpg

AVAG is the branch organisation where Dutch companies collaborate on integrated growing systems, components and associated services. Many companies that are affiliated with AVAG are also a partner of World Horti Center. The new partnership will strengthen and extend this shared network for both parties.

“World Horti Center is the main knowledge and innovation centre of the international greenhouse horticultural sector and is, therefore, the perfect place for AVAG to connect with our members and the field. The move to World Horti Center gives us the opportunity to jointly strengthen the leading position of the Dutch greenhouse technology sector in the world”, Annie van de Riet, President of AVAG, explains.

In World Horti Center, AVAG will find many facilities alongside an international network. Apart from the possibility to organise meetings, socials and hybrid events for up to 5,000 online visitors, World Horti Center will also become AVAG’s postal address. In addition, AVAG can start using the other facilities in the Horticulture Clubhouse such as the reception and the restaurant.



About AVAG Greenhouse Technology Center

In this branch organisation, companies that work on integrated growing systems, components and associated services come together. AVAG represents the common interests of their members and supports them in the areas of quality, innovation and internationalisation.

About World Horti Center

This hub of the greenhouse sector is the epicentre of everything that has to do with cultivation under glass. The building consists of a school community, a research centre and a visitor centre, where the most prominent parties and companies of the greenhouse horticultural sector are present. Every year, tens of thousands of interested parties from all over the world find their way to World Horti Center, both physically and online, to learn more about high-tech horticulture.