Stolze has been a renowned name in horticulture since 1969. With over 100 employees, Stolze has become the specialist for automation, heating, lighting, irrigation technology and high-pressure fog  for the modern horticulture.

Our company is located in a modern office building in Maasdijk, the Netherlands. In recent decades, Stolze has implemented many projects, both nationally and internationally, for horticultural businesses and other horticulture-related undertakings.
We can deliver our disciplines separately but our speciality is a fully integrated overall project. Within Stolze, the automation, heating, lighting, irrigation and high-pressure fog departments have been deliberately merged. We believe that the ideal installation is the result of perfect coordination between the various disciplines.



A climate computer or the full integration of various installations.

Whatever your wishes are, we are happy to work in tandem with you and offer a tailor-made solution. At Stolze, no installation is standard, because we know from experience that every company is unique. Cultivation usually requires specific adaptations to installations. Even more important are the specific wishes of the entrepreneur. We bring together the wishes expressed by you the customer and the knowledge possessed by Stolze. In this way, the ideal installation is created with the appropriate standard of production and quality for your business.

"Following the design of an installation, we carry out the project in-house from start to handover. Primarily with our own specialists and (local) subcontractors, we install all components, faultlessly commission the installation, and provide you with a clear handover with all necessary instructions."

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Company name: Stolze
Address: Bandijkweg 2, 2676 LJ, Maasdijk, The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (0)174 - 513779