Snelder B.V.

Snelder, established in 1962, manufactures and supplies components and systems for ventilation- and shading for greenhouses world wide.

We have an optimized facility with the latest technologies in machinery to serve our customers daily with quality products. Snelder supplies their materials and/or systems for ventilation and shading systems for commercial greenhouses with glass, polycarbonate or plastic covering according to the following standard: NEN 3859-2012 latest version. Snelder is HORTIQ certified for BRL 8001.

Ventilation systems

Yearly we produce and supply clients world wide over 400 ha of ventilation systems, which mostly are rail vent systems, but also includes butterfly ventilation systems, rack & pinion driven systems etc. We calculate- and dimension the push bars, push-pull tubes, motors and racks and supply you a complete package for your project.

Shading pull wire system

An important item of today’s shading- or energy saving systems is the SLIP ELEMENT which secures an optimum opening and closing of the system. Snelder’s SC SLIP ELEMENT is the slip element which is tested by the TNO institute on working and lifetime. With a 3-step setting the pressure on the drive cable can be set on 5kg, 7kg or 10 kg. So always the right pressure is set for your installations.

Shading push-pull system

For the push-pull systems we manufacture all materials, as well for systems with SC aluminium leading edge or systems which use a Ø19mm galvanized tube as a leading edge.
Yearly we produce and supply our clients over 600 ha of shading system materials, in complete systems with motors and curtains, or just separate shade system products.

Roll-up system

Whether it is a normal roll-up system for the gable with tube motor or a twin wall system with tube motor or powerroller, we provide you a complete package complete with closure profiles and -plates and of course the screen material you want to install in your project. 




"As a manufacturer we focus on quality, quick delivery time, sufficient stock and service to serve our clients world wide."

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