Ridder is a global player when it comes to producing and marketing electromechanical drive systems, climate systems and software designed to support all processes within a company.
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We are Ridder.

This is what we do
Farmers and growers worldwide need to be able to adopt their own individual approach to efficient and sustainable controlled environment agriculture. This is the promise that Ridder, as an international family-owned company, fulfils by translating more than 65 years of Dutch agri-food expertise into adaptive technology and know-how that is tailored precisely to local needs and conditions.

This is the result
At Ridder, the drive to innovate is in our DNA. We are also committed to finding the best possible solution. The balanced combination of these two characteristics has enabled Ridder to evolve into the experienced market leader in technical solutions for the horticulture, intensive livestock and crop storage sectors. Today, Ridder has customers in more than 100 countries, who receive support from international offices and a global partner network.

This is how we see the future
Our future health and wellbeing will largely depend on a successful global transition to efficient controlled environment agriculture. Ridder’s effective knowledge sharing processes and pragmatic solutions are essential in helping growers and farmers all over the world to achieve this goal - in their own way.

“We understand and support greenhouse growers to achieve better results by offering best fit growing technology and mutually sharing our greenhouse growing knowledge. We will do this together with our partners in the industry.”

Contact Ridder

Company name: Ridder
Address: Lorentzstraat 38, 3846 AX, Harderwijk
Telephone number: +31 (0)341 - 416854
E-mail: info@ridder.com