For more than 25 years Mardenkro has been researching and developing solutions to give growers even more control over greenhouse climates.

As the inventor of ReduSol, the first shading agent to combine high wear-resistance with easy removability, Mardenkro has been pushing the boundaries and marketing more products in recent decades. 2004 saw the launch of ReduHeat, an agent that enables growers to realise maximum effects from PAR (growth) light, and proud winner of the international Horti Fair Innovation Award. In 2011 Mardenkro won the Horti Fair Innovation Award again, this time with ReduFuse, which ensures optimal diffusion of light in the greenhouse. That same year we also went home with the Horti Fair Press Award.

"At Mardenko we work with a reliable team of distributors who supply our products in over 55 countries. We have our own offices in the Netherlands, Canada, Japan and China and employ around 25 people."

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Company name: Mardenkro
Address: Geerstraat 8, 5111 PS, Baarle Nassau, The Netherlands