Lock Drives B.V.

Lock Drives is the specialist of drive technology for natural ventilation and screening in industrial greenhouses and animal sheds.

We listen carefully, then we take action. Our unique level of specialization and our knowledge of this specialist sector enables us to offer a fully comprehensive range of services. The technological expertise we have developed over the years is something we can apply innovatively to new markets, particularly ones where glass is used structurally as an architectural feature.

The challenge for us is to use our commanding position in our home market to focus selectively on the top target groups in each of our export markets and to win their business.
We keep on getting better. Our commitment to achieving a market-sensitive price-performance ratio is ably demonstrated by our continuous drive to improve our products, and by our ongoing investment in leading edge production structures.

This is a family business employing a team of motivated staff. The organization lives and breathes as a team-based and process-oriented unit with individual responsibility to empower each member of staff. This organizational structure, combined with high levels of individual expertise, enables us to respond rapidly and flexibly to the needs of our customers.

Preservation of a liveable environment is our concern. A lasting development of material and technology in protection of environment and recycling are adopted and employed suggestive.

"We are driven by your success."

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Company name: Lock Drives B.V.
Address: (World Horti Center) Europa 1, 2672 ZX Naaldwijk, Westland