KUBO is one of the biggest greenhouse builders in the world. For food growing and horticulture with higher yields, improved returns and for lower costs.

The world population is growing expansively. This growth exhausts the planet. Energy sources are drying up. Water is increasingly scarce. Simultaneously, demand for food safety, CO2 reduction and locally, safely produced products is increasing. KUBO believes that we can contribute to these challenges based on greenhouse technology. Making use of our new technology, we are developing sustainable production facilities and services.

It is our mission to enable entrepreneurs worldwide respond better to current developments and to produce for their markets. With closed and semi-closed greenhouses and smart-growing concepts, we are creating an environment where maximum results are realised with minimum input. Whatever your wishes are. Wherever you are located. The future of greenhouses is Blue.

"Experienced assembly teams and modern building equipment guarantee that your project will be realised efficiently wherever in the world."

Contact KUBO

Company name: KUBO
Address: Vlotlaan 710, 2681 TX, Monster, The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (0)174 - 286161
E-mail: info@kubo.nl