Havecon Horticultural Projects

Havecon is a flexible and customer-minded organization with a lot of experience in the field of development, construction and the complete realization of horticultural projects.
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Havecon is a premier horticultural design and manufacturing company that specializes in high-tech turnkey greenhouse solutions. We are located in the global heart of horticulture, the Netherlands, with offices in North America as well. 

Havecon is a flexible and customer focused organization that can truly develop projects from financial feasibility studies, land selection and preliminary engineering all the way through a fully functioning facility.

'Work together with you right through to planting and beyond

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Company name: Havecon Horticultural Projects
Address: Loretzstraat 8, 2665 JH, Bleiswijk, The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (0)10 - 2663270