Genap. The preferred partner for water storage in and around the greenhouse.
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Since 1951, Genap has been known as the partner for water storage in horticulture. We supply and install complete water storage systems, such as water tanks and reservoirs.

Genap’s water tank systems are renowned worldwide for being a high-quality, low-cost solution for the storage of large volumes of water. The modular system, with storage capacities ranging from 5 m3 to 2,000 m3, can be assembled by hand without the need for cranes or other equipment.

The Genap reservoir is specially designed for direct collection of rainwater via pumping systems, greenhouse roofs, buffer wells and gutters. Genap can install ponds in virtually any location and in any size and shape. Genap’s reservoirs are lined with a membrane selected specifically to suit the local environmental conditions and supplied in a prefabricated form direct from the factory up to approximately 5000m².

Both the water tanks and the reservoirs can be provided with covers to prevent algae growth, pollution, and evaporation.

Our own assembly teams install the water storage systems on site. With production locations in the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Kenya, and India, and an extensive dealer network, we provide growers worldwide with our water storage solutions.

“Our mission is to create waterproof solutions for all of our clients”

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