Gakon Horticultural Projects

Gakon Horticultural Projects in Wateringen operates internationally as a leading greenhouse builderand has a team of approximately 50 employees.

We design, manufacture and build complete greenhouses that are well-known for their high levels of innovation.

This capacity for innovation has been used to construct the world’s first floating greenhouse, and also the construction of the energy generating, the so called ZonWindKas.

Gakon has more than sixty years of experience in the sales and installation of greenhouses, heating equipment, screening and turnkey projects. Over the years we have become the market gardener’s indispensable partner.

"In a world where population growth continues, where the standard of living, food and food safety are important issues, Gakon Horticultural Projects wants to be recognized and acknowledged as the party that in its customers qualitative, innovative and sustainable sectors total solutions supllies in the field of horticultural projects, so that the customers can focus on their core activities."

Contact Gakon Horticultural Projects

Company name: Gakon Horticultural Projects
Address: Klopperman 60, 2292 JD, Wateringen, The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31 (0)174 - 225700