Duijnisveld Greenhouse Structures

Duijnisveld manufactures steel greenhouse structures.
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We are located in Westland, the largest continuous horticultural area under glass in the world. We have been working on a single specialisation, the development and manufacture of steel greenhouse structures for the international greenhouse horticulture industry, for no less than ninety-five years.

Duijnisveld Greenhouse Structures is a well-known name in international horticulture. Decades of experience is the foundation for continuous product development and for improving existing products.

Duijnisveld was one of the first companies to start with the batch production of steel profiles for greenhouses and we have always maintained this lead. 

"You can count on us for a complete package of steel greenhouse structures and for plenty of leeway for client-specific requirements. As independent manufacturer we are ready and waiting to help you too!"

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Company name: Duijnisveld Greenhouse Structures
Address: Monsterseweg 52, 2685 LJ, Poeldijk, The Netherlands
Website: duijnisveld.nl/
Telephone number: +31 (0)174 - 286200