We Empower Plant Growth Worldwide
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Artechno Growsystems was founded in the 1980s as an engineering company in horticulture. Nowadays, the company focuses on vertical farming and distinguishes itself with innovative vertical farms. What hasn't changed is the love for growing crops; the plantlet still takes center stage.

Thanks to years of experience, Artechno Growsystems has the know-how, skills, and expertise that benefits customers worldwide. From innovative thinking and sustainable entrepreneurship, the company pushes boundaries. The futuristic technology is not the goal but a means to achieve the best cultivation results. With a plant-oriented approach, technology, and a healthy dose of guts, Artechno Growsystems realizes a new standard within vertical growing with their AVF+.
With the fully automated AVF+ Factory, Artechno takes care of all processes for the grower; the input and output of this turnkey plant factory are the same every day. The plants also get everything their plant-hearts desire, such as the right light intensity, temperature, nutrients, CO2, airflow, and humidity.

Consider all the (sustainable) benefits of AVF+ Factory, such as:

• No impact on nature, as no (agricultural) land is used
• Biodiversity in the area is not affected
• No pesticides or other harmful substances are used
• Food safety and security (because of the continuous growing process in the factory and because no pesticides are used)
• It is possible to produce food locally, even if there is no fertile soil in the area. In other words: local for local
• The logistics chain is minimized.

Artechno Growsystems is looking beyond the horizon and pushing boundaries. The company added all types of expert disciplines to achieve the best growing results, from water technology to water treatment, automation, robotics, harvesting, processing, hydroponic systems, and vertical farming. And thus, the Artechno Group was born.

Our mission: ‘We Empower Plant Growth Worldwide.’

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