Cogas Zuid B.V.

Cogas Zuid has been a leading all-round installation company for many years.
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Activities include the installation of heating, electrical, climate and water systems and systems for air conditioning for market gardens. For projects in the industrial sector and utilities, with Cogas Zuid you're in the right place.

It's only natural that Cogas Zuid would consider providing high-quality servicing. The service department therefore also forms an important part of our organisation.

When designing its systems, Cogas Zuid begins with the customer. By exchanging ideas, listening to practical experience and above all talking about the various options, it is possible to come up with surprising solutions. Our employees continually anticipate new developments in order to be a valuable partner for the customer and to advise them on the most appropriate installation.

Cogas Zuid provides a complete package of technical systems for achieving the most effective climatological conditions in market gardens. Together with our suppliers, we are leading the way in the development and realisation of sustainable, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly systems.

The benefits to the customer in opting for Cogas Zuid as the complete installer are clear: all technologies under one roof; from design to delivery, the customer only has to deal with one installer; after delivery, this also means that you can be safe in the knowledge that we'll take servicing and maintenance off your hands.

"You provide the greenhouse and Cogas will take care of the rest".

Contact with Cogas Zuid B.V.

Company name: Cogas Zuid B.V.
Address: Heikamperweg 18, 5725 AZ, Asten-Heusden, The Netherlands
Telephone number: +31(0)493-671010