Bosman Van Zaal

Based on in-house engineering and manufacturing, Bosman Van Zaal provides turn-key growing concepts and tailor-made installations.

Bosman Van Zaal is based in The Netherlands. The company is represented through offices and agents worldwide and employs over 180 highly skilled and educated staff members. 

Through its international network, Bosman Van Zaal offers 24/7 service to its customers throughout the world. Bosman Van Zaal was founded in one of world's largest horticultural areas, Greenport Aalsmeer, minutes away from Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Bosman Van Zaal, Montera Techniek, Crea-Tech International and Indigo Logistics are member of the Green Innovators Group. All companies of Green Innovators contribute to the development of global horticulture through complementary fields of expertise.

"Bosman Van Zaal develops and manufactures, supplies and maintains facilities for producers of vegetable and floricultural crops. We continue to utilise our 'combined strengths' and years of international experience to help improve their business results in the Protected Horticulture. We operate from two office locations in the Greenport Aalsmeer (Netherlands) and several international offices and agents."

Contact with Bosman Van Zaal

Company name: Bosman Van Zaal
Address: Bedrijvenweg 10, 1424 PX, De Kwakel, The Netherlands