Pleun Verheul - peppers

Over a year ago Pleun Verheul became an active participant in the Priva TopCrop Monitor pilot project. Based on his own interests and spurred on by his colleagues, he decided to take part in the pilot. “I wanted to experience for myself the extent to which TopCrop Monitor can optimise crop activity by carefully analysing the plant transpiration process. Seeing is believing.”


TopCrop monitor has now found its way into the hands of more than 60 enthusiastic end users worldwide. Pleun Verheul of the PP Verheul pepper nursery in ‘s-Gravenzande is also very enthusiastic and can see the value of the system. At Verheul's business, one compartment has been equipped with TopCrop Monitor, consisting of an additional measuring box and a highly accurate plant temperature sensor. Verheul uses the information from the measuring equipment in this compartment to optimise his entire crop.

“A lot of settings you use and choices you make for ventilation, water and temperature are based on trusting your own knowledge and skills. The experience you have gained after years of being a pepper grower,” says Verheul. “When I first started the pilot, I found it difficult to make a choice when TopCrop Monitor suggested a different strategy than the one my own grower’s intuition suggested.


After more than a year I can say that I fully trust the new system. TopCrop Monitor provides direct insight into the effect on crop activity and helps me make the right choices with respect to my growing strategy.”

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Contact met Priva

Company name: Priva
Type of crop: Peppers
Glass house size: 4 ha.
City: 's-Gravenzande - the Netherlands
Solution: Priva TopCrop Monitor

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